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Welcome at Roestvrij!

Roestvrij B.V. is THE stockist in the stainless steel industry, thinking ahead. We carry a large range of stainless steel pipes and fittings. All our products originate from PED approved suppliers.

Apart from the standard grades 304(L) and 316(L) we can be of service with special alloys such as 254 SMO/1.4547, 904L/1.4539, duplex/1.4462, superduplex/1.4410/1.4501, 253 MA/1.4835 and other heat resistant grades.
254 SMO is a valued grade because of its high corrosion resistance in seawater environments and applications within the oil and gas industry.

Our customers are mainly in the (petro)chemical and food industry, construction works, vessel and tank building industry.
The wide range of products enables us to offer our customers a high service level: from fitting to tube, from flange to round, flat and square bar. Everything is housed under one roof!
Our product range is completed by chemicals for treatment of stainless steel surfaces. Deliveries from stock usually take place within 24 hours!

A minor interruption in your process or a late delivery: they can make the difference between red and black figures. Thats why matters like reliability, excellent service, top quality and continuity not only score high on YOUR list of critical success factors, but definitely also on ours!